Block a domain of your Bigpond account in a few steps

If you are facing difficulties while blocking a domain of your Bigpond account, then no need to worry anymore. Because in this blog, we are going to guide you on how to block the domain of a Bigpond account in very easy steps and for this you are only supposed to read the blog carefully and follow the steps appropriately so that you don’t end up with a mess.

The steps for blocking a domain of your Bigpond account are described below and in case of any difficulties; do contact Bigpond Support for help.

• First of all, you have to go to Telstra mail and then just login to your account by providing the correct credential.

• After that, you need to go to settings, and there choose mail; you can easily find it on the left-hand menu.

• Next, you are supposed to select the blocked senders which you can find out at the sub-menu.

• Now just enter the domain with the symbol *@ at the pop-up screen and add it.

• And in case if you want to block a domain, then you have to enter the whole domain exactly as it is.

• And if in case, you receiving unsolicited marketing, then you are supposed not to unsubscribe it so that it doesn’t results in validating your details to the spammers.

• You are also suggested not to become an accidental spammer that is those who take over unprotected computers and use it to send spam without even knowing about the correct information.

• And if you want to report spam, then you can report your complain by filling a form to Australian Communications and Media Authority.

• Thus you can successfully block a domain of your Bigpond account in very easy steps.

For more details or queries, you can visit our website and can look for many related blogs. You can also contact Bigpond Support Australia for guidance, and if you are not comfortable in calling, you are supposed to do live chats with us.

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