Quick Guide To Use Bigpond Email On Webmail

If you want to use Bigpond email on webmail, but have no idea how to use that, then no need to bother anymore. Because in this blog, Bigpond Support is going to guide you on how to use Bigpond email on webmail in very easy steps and for this, you are only required to read the blog carefully and follow the steps one by one for the appropriate result.

To create a new email, follow the steps described below:

• You need to first choose the option for ‘new email’.

• Then you are supposed to go to the ‘to address bar’.

• There you have to write the full address of the senders and if you want to add more people, you can take the help of Cc.

• Now, after that, you have to write the appropriate subject.

• You can also choose the paperclip icon which you can easily find next to the attachments option.

• Finally, you have to add the attachment from the required blog and then select send for sending the email.

For downloading and viewing an attachment, you need to follow the steps mentioned below:

• Firstly, you need to go to the email that you want to open, and then just tap the download option.

• It will take a few seconds to download the email, after that you need to select the preview icon.

• Thus, you can easily download and view the messages.

For replying to an email, follow the steps provided below:

• You need to first go to the respective email to which you want to reply.

• After that, in the next option, you will have to select the reply all or reply option.

• Now, just type the message that you want to reply and then finally click the send option for sending the reply.

We hope the above information helps you in using Bigpond emails on webmail, but if you are facing any trouble related to this blog, do contact Bigpond Helpline Australia for help.