Quick Steps To Fix The Email Issues Of Your Bigpond Account

If you are facing some issues in your Bigpond accounts related to emails, and have no idea how to solve it. Then you should feel relaxed because you have definitely come to the perfect place. As here in this blog, we are going to guide you on how to fix the Bigpond email issues on your device, so without wasting more time, let us move to the steps and in case of any difficulties, do contact Bigpond Support for help.

If your account doesn’t meet the minimum standards, then follow the steps given below:

• First of all, you should know that your password should be between 8-16 characters.

• It is necessary to contain lower and upper case and numerals and if these requirements are not being acquired by your password, then you should immediately reset or change the password.

• And make sure, you create a strong password and it carries all these necessary requirements.

If you are using outdated settings, then follow the steps given below:

• First of all, check whether you are using outdated settings or not.

• If yes, then immediately you need to update the settings. You can easily find the current settings on the browser.

• And only for your knowledge, there are two types, so just choose anyone according to your requirements.

If the account that you are suing has been marked as a source of spam, then go through the steps provided below:

• If your account has been marked as spam, then it may get suspended, so it is suggested to you, to use a reputed antivirus in your device.

• You also need to update all the programs on your device.

• You are just supposed to clear all the viruses from your account and device.

Thus, these are the steps by which you can solve the problems of sending and receiving emails to your account. For more details, you can visit our website or can directly contact Bigpond Support Australia for help and don’t worry about our services. Our specialists are very talented and experts, they would fix your issues in no time, so stop wasting your time and reach us right now for help.

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